Do Your Maths, Make A Decision And Save A Fortune

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When was the last time you sat down to really look at your monthly expenditure? More specifically when was the last time you worked out the math on your non essential monthly expenditure? This starts to get very interesting for those of us that happen to be smokers. If you smoke a pack a day, going off an average price of $7 per pack, you will be spending on average $213 per month.

This is a fair amount but seeing this figure doesn’t always have an impact for many people. Well, how about doing the math on that figure over a 5 year period? $12,780. Now we have your attention! If you have been a long time smoker just think what you could do with this amount of money or even just half of it. A luxury family holiday maybe? Down-payment on a house? There is a lot you could do!

This might seem to over simply the fact that there is still the small issue of giving up the smokes. There are many options but one of the latest alternatives to tobacco that has given many people positive results is the e cig. Thousands of people have made the switch and a large percentage of them have managed to kick their nicotine habit altogether. Look out for an honest e cigarette review and you won’t go far wrong, it can be a little daunting at first due to the large number of brands out there but stick with it. Their are different price ranges and an initial outlay for the equipment but once you have this all you need to do is buy the cartridges that contain the nicotine.

Take a step back, think about the money you could save and what you could invest that money in.