Maths and Marketing

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The main connection between maths and marketing is that both obviously rely on numbers. You need people/numbers to make both work, there needs to be a formula that people can follow, similar to a recipe that makes sense to everyone involved.

I’d bet that most don’t even consider this link but it can be crucial.  Mathematics can be used at all stages of the marketing process, but it’s probably most important in the design and result analysis stages.  For example if you’re going to work out the return of investment in any sort of campaign – you need maths.  If you do your research properly,  and I mean to the stage of using something like a fast UK proxy to analyse your potential markets.  Then the next stage of analysing returns and results is crucial, don’t get misled by not doing this properly.

Likewise, those in website design for businesses need to factor in the size of web pages so that they are as user friendly as they possibly can be. Text size needs to be spot on so that not only can people read it, but that it is as space saving as possible. If you allow adverts on your website, you need to think about what size these have to be to maximise revenue but also so that your visitors do not get lost in a sea of advertisements.

Graphic designers also need to be savvy when it comes to saving space while getting important messages across. Images need to be inspiring, but also the right size, text needs to convey messages while not taking up too much of the flyer, poster, or email template etc. Angles also come into play.

Social media marketing relies on a large number of fans and the ability to keep them engaged by sending out messages. But a high number of advertisements will dissuade them from engaging with you while a small number of engaging messages will not provide a platform for engagement.

When people question the important of maths in the real world, be sure to remember this example. Maths often influences the outcome of many aspects of everyday life.


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