Adding Up Web Server Resources

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There is a side to using math in a practical sense that can reveal a whole lot about the way in which this website and a whole brace of others are hosted and given the visibility that surfers need to see them. Many website owners fail to figure out for themselves just what the numbers are in regard to web hosting and that can be a mistake especially when a site is expected to receive a lot of visitor traffic.

In its simplest terms, the number of websites hosted on any given server will differ markedly from the next. If a website owner thinks about the host their site lives on at all, it might be concerning the actual number of sites inhabiting the same server.

But it is not just that basic number that the site owner needs to be aware of and concerned about. While a server may host thousands of individual websites, it is the statistical information about those sites that should be of concern and not just the raw site population.

You can take two identical servers hosting exactly one thousand sites each, but one will perform much better than the other. This is typically because the bulk of the sites that occupy one might be smaller and less resource hungry than the bulk of those occupying the other.

A typical resource hog would be the kind of site that uses a content management system (CMD) such as WordPress and that has a lot of internal pages each with lots of social interaction (comments), streaming video and large images. Such a site may not necessarily attract a lot of visitor traffic but may still use a large amount of system resource just by being there.

On the other hand, a resource friendly site would be a static html site with little or no php, javascrpt or other programmatic processing, fewer, lower resolution images and few if any video embeds. Such a site may attract rather more traffic and still use far fewer system resources than its CMS powered housemate. You can read more about webhosting at:

For the site owner that is keen to ensure their pages load quickly and enjoy the maximum amount of up time the server can provide, their primary concern should be over the mathematical statistics surrounding other sites occupying the same server as itself. If they are predominantly low resource users, you can probably be fairly sure your site will perform to its maximum potential, which is the most important statistic of all. Find more information here: