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There’s one thing for certain, if you have any inclination or need to improve your maths then the internet has the answers.  The web is literally stuffed full of maths courses, tutorials, explanations and puzzles.  Whatever your level there is no doubt that something will be available for you somewhere.

For this article I’d just like to briefly explain the maths resources that are available on the BBC web site.  The BBC is truly one of the most outstanding sites on the internet, it’s my favourite without doubt simply because of the breadth of information available.  The vast majority of it is is free, however due to certain copyright problems you might have trouble accessing the BBC Iplayer site if you’re outside the UK.  If you do have this problem – check this post out which shows you how to circumvent the BBC geotargeting efforts –

So what is exactly on the BBC web site?

Well perhaps the most impressive information is on the basic level which is stored on something called ’Bitesize’.  This is primarily a schools educational resources teaching basic maths like addition, subtraction  and multiplication etc.  There’s a wonderful show on the World Service including one called Figure it Out. If you’re an adult who needs to learn maths for a very specific employment related purpose then check out Learn Direct – which has 42 free online maths courses specifically to improve basic numeracy.

For everyday finances, there’s the BBC Raw Website which deals with everyday maths problems like evaluating loans, mortgages and stuff like that.