Using the iPad to Protect PID in the NHS

It’s taken me a while but I’m slowly starting to appreciate the incredible little tool that my iPad is. It’s been a little neglected for the last few months but my interest was rekindled whilst doing some work at a local hospital.  The consultants all had iPads which were linked into a patient informational system.  This completely replaced the central register (paper), some rather dated looking hand held palmtops and in reality a lot of using a phone to check details.

The device’s were all networked together and each had a printer assigned so they could get paper copies of appointment times and details.  What was especially impressive was the way the devices handled printers and printouts.  In a hospital environment it is very important to keep a tight reign on patient information, in fact  there is a lot of Government legislation regarding this.  It is referred to a PID (Patient Identifiable Data) and refers to anything that could contain personal information which can be linked to a specific individual.

It’s quite simple to keep track of this information when it’s stored on a central application managed by the NHS or the hospital involved however as soon as it is printed out or stored on a USB device this becomes much, much harder.  One of the ways this particular hospital had dealt with this issue was by making use of the built in location functionality in the iPad.

They developed the application which would track the location of the consultant and assess the nearest available printer.  If the printer was in a secure area, these are designated in most NHS hospitals then the print would be allowed if it contained patient information, but this would be recorded so as to discourage non-essential print outs.  If the printer was not secure the printout would not be allowed and a message sent informing the consultant of the nearest secure printer.

This has reduced the amount of sensitive print outs and the consultants were happy as it required no specific input from then and additional training or approval for required print outs.  Instead the consultant would simply move to the location of one of the secured printers.  In reality many didn’t bother and so the volume of these unsecured paper print outs had fallen drastically without any issues.  The consultants were also allowed to use their iPads for leisure and personal purposes because no information was stored on them unlike PCs and laptops.  The doctor I was chatting to, watched the news using the BBC Iplayer iPad application using this , even when he was abroad.

There’s no doubt that this little device and the hundreds of tablets and mobile devices it has spawned are rapidly changing the way people do their jobs.  It is great to see that they are also making the work environment a little more secure at the same time as well as helping them watch things like BBC Iplayer in  their lunchtimes!

Mathematics In Business

BBC ProxyIt is an understatement to say that maths is important in business, but growing up some of us forget, especially when it comes to doing your homework to make sure that you passed your maths exams at school!

Whether you dreamt of running your own business, becoming a pilot or perhaps an engineer – mathematics is one of the most important skills that you can garner through your education.  A lot of the businesses over at the Birmingham business directory can attest to that to.

For example, if you are a solicitor in Birmingham, or anywhere else for that matter, you will need a firm grasp of maths, as not only will you have to calculate fees for your clients, you will also have all the other elements of running a business.  If you are one of our local mechanics then a good grasp of number is vital too.  You don’t want to undercharge your time and skills.  Maybe our driving instructors felt they wouldn’t need too much maths in their profession but not only do they have to charge customers by the lesson, they have to make sure they budget enough for fuel, car maintenance and insurance.

Among the most vital and earliest sciences is math. Mathematicians’ work is broken up into two big groups. They may be pure or theoretical mathematics and applied mathematics. These categories may frequently overlap and aren’t clearly identified.

Mathematical knowledge increases by detecting unknown correlations or relationships between principles in mathematics which are in use and creating new principles. Without considering the practicality of its own use, such additional knowledge is discovered; yet, these abstract notions have been powerful in furthering or creating numerous engineering and scientific achievements.

Applied mathematicians use theories and processes, like computational techniques and mathematical modeling, to find formulas and remedies to authorities company; engineering; and physical, life, and social science issues. A number of the following are examples of their work: reviewing the efficacy of other methods to produce products, assessing security and the effects of the most recent drugs, assessing the aerodynamic features of an experimental automobile, or finding the most expert airline flight program.

Used mathematicians get inside their heads the identifying components in the solving procedure start with a realistic issue, and eventually reduce the components to mathematical variants. To examine organizations among the variables and solve issues that are complex, computers are often used by them and make models with other options.
Others perform a bulk of the job in applied mathematics with differing names than mathematician.  Computer programmers who designed this software which allows you to watch the BBC Player Canada using a complicated encryption network.  Professions that use mathematics at length comprise computer scientists, engineers, physicists, and economists. A number of professionals, including statisticians, actuaries, and operations research analysts, are actually mathematicians using a focus that is given. Frequently applied mathematicians could be asked to team up with other associated workers to find solutions to specific issues.

As you can see, no matter what your chosen career path, mathematics and the ability to manipulate numbers and budgets is a vital life skill.  Makes you wish you paid more attention back at school doesn’t it!

A Tool to Understand Compound Interest Growth

A new tool is available to help students visually appreciate the power of compound interest growth.  The math behind compound interest is visually demonstrated by the online  interest calculator.

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A compound interest calculator is used to calculate your earnings and more. It can take a lump sum of your money and compound it monthly over a period of time at an annual yield.

When your interest is compounded in your savings account, the more money you have the more you earn from your interest. The investment amount is the amount of your beginning investment.

For the interest rate, it is the annual interest rate of your investment. The rate of your return is dependent on the type of investment that you selected. For savings accounts at a bank, you may get as little as 1% but have a lower risk of loss of principal balances. The rate of return on investments can be varying. The compound interest that you will get is the interest on an investment’s interest and also the previous interest. You should check with your bank to see how often the interest is compounded on your investment. You should also see how many years it will take to get a compound interest for this investment. Compound interest is a powerful personal finance tool that can help you throughout the rest of your life. You can be rich by the time you retire if you begin saving at an early age. So it is better to start young then to start putting money for compound interest at an older age.

So if you are interested in doing compound interest and would like to see how much you are making, you should look into doing an interest calculator.

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Use this Tool to Understand the Math Behind your Personal Debt

Understanding the math behind your personal debt can be a bit tricky.  Fortunately, you can use online tools to assess and control your financial situation much easier.

It’s especially important if you are having financial problems such as debt or loss of income.  This can happen for a variety of reasons perhaps losing your job, gambling , divorce or anything which is likely to lead to short term financial hardship.

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Loans are a very important part of life when you have an interest in owning property. However, these can often be very difficult for most people to understand without the benefit of the right tools. It is important that you do not allow yourself to become confused by the terms of the loans that you may be considering. Instead, you want to use a calculator that would help you to take a closer look at any loan that may be ideal for your situation. You can look online  to find  easy access to a Payment calculator that can help you figure out how much you will be paying for the property at the end of your loan. As a result, you would easily be able to compare the loans and decide which one would be within your best interest. It is very easy to become confused by loans, they’re just like roulette systems but when you have several factors to consider. However, using the right financial tools can make this process much easier on you.

The dream of owning property is one that can often work against you. Very often, people will simply decide to purchase by taking advantage of loans that come with very high interest rates. If you make this mistake, you may end up paying a lot more for the property than you would have likely to. When you have the ability to take a closer look at any loan you may be considering, you are able to make this decision from a position of power. The purpose of online financial sites is to provide every person that is dealing with a loan an effective tool that can help them to save money. Also, you would be able to stay on track with the payments attached to your loan and ease the stress that comes along with purchasing great property.

Academic Math Apps for iPhone

Math is one of the most dreaded subjects in all levels of study and therefore it’s better to get yourself equipped with items that keep you ahead of the others. Except the use of the geometrical sets, log table and calculators, you may also need to consider using iPhone apps to enhance your skills in math. There are numerous iPhone apps that can be used in school today and it’s sometimes hard to find math specific apps. Nevertheless, here are some of the most important academic math apps for iPhone.

The symbolic calculator- This is one of the Free iPhone 5 apps that can help a student get back to ‘school mode’ especially after the holidays. After having lots of fun during the holidays, you may end up forgetting some mathematics and this is where the app comes in. Though there is already a calculator app that comes with your iPhone, the symbolic calculator works ways better that it. This calculator is able to handle plotting, derivatives, algebraic equations and others plus the basic functions of your normal calculator app.

You can also now get some excellent VPN applications that work on iPhones too.  These enable you to access both YouTube videos and media sites that are normally restricted to specific location. You can for example use one of these apps to act as a proxy for Hulu in Canada, this site is normally inaccessible outside the United States.

iFormula is another great math iPhone app that you need to download. With this app, you don’t need to keep perusing your text book for different formulas when doing your assignments. Instead, you only need to switch on your iPhone, open the app and look for any formulas that you can’t remember, ranging from algebra to Geometry.

Finally, you need to install the Pi Cubed Lite app for your iPhone to have a whole new experience in mathematics. This app will allow you to do your work on your iPhone as if you are actually using a pencil and a paper. Furthermore, it allows you to zoom or pan when need be and this makes it more interesting to do your assignments.


Teaching Students to Love Math

I was talking to one of the most accomplished winemakers around the other day and he had some interesting stuff to say about not only the wine industry, but the component parts of how people can become winemakers, or even taking part in his wine gift baskets business which he runs on the side (after all, most winemakers have outside projects and living in wine country gives you access to some truly great food).

In any case, one of the big challenges these days is getting kids interested in learning in general and math especially.  I do think though there is a big opportunity to get kids interested in math based on the technology that they love so much.  To make Iphones or Ipads, or to own a private jet you have to do a ton of math right?  Plus, getting them some basic math knowledge at an early age is going to make it easier for them to get jobs that require math, even if it isn’t what they first were looking into, even if it leads to having some better wine being made!