Teaching Students to Love Math

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I was talking to one of the most accomplished winemakers around the other day and he had some interesting stuff to say about not only the wine industry, but the component parts of how people can become winemakers, or even taking part in his wine gift baskets business which he runs on the side (after all, most winemakers have outside projects and living in wine country gives you access to some truly great food).

In any case, one of the big challenges these days is getting kids interested in learning in general and math especially.  I do think though there is a big opportunity to get kids interested in math based on the technology that they love so much.  To make Iphones or Ipads, or to own a private jet you have to do a ton of math right?  Plus, getting them some basic math knowledge at an early age is going to make it easier for them to get jobs that require math, even if it isn’t what they first were looking into, even if it leads to having some better wine being made!