Academic Math Apps for iPhone

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Math is one of the most dreaded subjects in all levels of study and therefore it’s better to get yourself equipped with items that keep you ahead of the others. Except the use of the geometrical sets, log table and calculators, you may also need to consider using iPhone apps to enhance your skills in math. There are numerous iPhone apps that can be used in school today and it’s sometimes hard to find math specific apps. Nevertheless, here are some of the most important academic math apps for iPhone.

The symbolic calculator- This is one of the Free iPhone 5 apps that can help a student get back to ‘school mode’ especially after the holidays. After having lots of fun during the holidays, you may end up forgetting some mathematics and this is where the app comes in. Though there is already a calculator app that comes with your iPhone, the symbolic calculator works ways better that it. This calculator is able to handle plotting, derivatives, algebraic equations and others plus the basic functions of your normal calculator app.

You can also now get some excellent VPN applications that work on iPhones too.  These enable you to access both YouTube videos and media sites that are normally restricted to specific location. You can for example use one of these apps to act as a proxy for Hulu in Canada, this site is normally inaccessible outside the United States.

iFormula is another great math iPhone app that you need to download. With this app, you don’t need to keep perusing your text book for different formulas when doing your assignments. Instead, you only need to switch on your iPhone, open the app and look for any formulas that you can’t remember, ranging from algebra to Geometry.

Finally, you need to install the Pi Cubed Lite app for your iPhone to have a whole new experience in mathematics. This app will allow you to do your work on your iPhone as if you are actually using a pencil and a paper. Furthermore, it allows you to zoom or pan when need be and this makes it more interesting to do your assignments.