Math Is The Universal Language Of All!

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It is true; mathematics is the universal language that pretty much governs the entire universe and everything we know as human beings.  Given is complexity there are very few people who truly understand the complex nature of the mathematical language.  I for one am not in that elite few, albeit I wish I was, I was one of those students who struggled greatly with the subject and took advantage of the computer and calculator age to aide me in anything having to do with math.

We will however see no future technological achievements without continuing to study and become better at math.  Never will we create hyper drives to travel to other star systems without math, or never will we be able to even solve the debt relief crisis without advanced math.  The bottom line is it is probably the single most important subject you can learn and try to master while studying in school.

Even basic math is a pure necessity for everyday living for things such as balancing a checkbook, working a register, even the lowlifes of the underworld need to understand at least basic math to ensure they are getting what they are due.  So it is without a shadow of a doubt the one true universal language not only of our world but the entire universe; any space faring civilization would need to understand math on an intimidate level that us humans cannot even fathom at this time.