The Mathematics of Firewood Storage

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You wouldn’t normally consider firewood and firewood storage, with all the chopping and manual labor involved, to be heavily influenced by math, but you would be wrong! Firewood is generally sold in a unit known as a ‘cord’. A cord of firewood is 128 cubic feet of firewood, which in general terms is a pile of firewood eight feet wide by four feet tall by four feet deep.Fast USA proxy

So when you’re purchasing your firewood rack you need to strongly consider how much is the most firewood you’ll be likely to purchase at any given point in time. Obviously this depends on how much you’re going to use, the pile will be bigger in Novia Scotia than in the UK.  You also need to consider the dimensions of your yard and how much space you want to take up for firewood storage.

It’s also essential to consider that a log of firewood that you intend to burn will not be four feet long (the depth in the calculation above); it is much more likely to be two feet long. So that naturally changes the other dimensions necessary to store a full cord of firewood. Most people do not advocate piling firewood higher than four feet, so that naturally means the width of the firewood rack needs to be adjusted.

Since the depth was halved, the width now needs to double to store the full 128 cubic feet. So in fact, if you want to store one cord, your firewood rack needs to be sixteen feet wide! That’s a lot of real estate space just for storing firewood. Because of that, most people purchase an eight foot wide rack that will store one half a cord of firewood (64 cubic feet).

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