The Issue with Math

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Math has been in the news a ton of late hasn’t it?  Well not directly after all because unless you live in direct proximity to a major university, it’s not like mathmaticians are being celebrated on main street America.  Anyway, student loan debt is the next major crisis in the economy.  If 2008 was the banking and real estate crisis, everyone seems to think that this could be worse.  For those of us with all college educated friends, we can all appreciate the monthly payments in play, often the cost of a thousand dollars per month for those with MBA’s, or in other words the cost of the gift baskets I give to my aunts and uncles that I no longer speak with any more!

In any case, Republicans want kids to pay more.  They want rates tied to average lending etc etc.  They still want to subsidize bank lending.  They don’t believe in allowing consistent payments.

Democrats basically want the same stuff, although they want some government subsidy, god not as much as the banks get though, we can’t afford it (the banks borrow more in a week than students do throughout the entire year)