Teaching & Relating

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My main teaching method is finding a way for my pupils to relate to certain problems and using things in their everyday life to apply. For example in algebra I used a football league table, by replacing a points tally with a letter the pupils then had to work out the value of the letter by looking at the games played, won, draw and lost.

This way engages the pupils and we get a bit of banter about certain teams and the most important thing is that they remember and learn. I have had great success through the years and another good one I like to do is using fat footballers weights, again we have a good laugh and it gets the point across. Click here for a few fat footballers that have made it into my lessons.

Of course, different cultures view weight in very different ways.  The Japanese for example are a very fit, active and relatively thin race yet their perception of weight is different from ours.  If you look at some of the shows and sportsmen it’s very different from Western entertainment.  In fact there are some great examples and shows on their media, try this How to Watch Japanese Netflix if you want an example and see some of the Sumo documentaries.


There are so many different ways you can appeal to the mindset of your pupils and make the lessons a bit more interesting, too many teachers go for the old fashioned approach whereas this injects a bit of life into the lesson.

I am hoping this technique sweeps through the school because I feel that subjects like English could take advantage of modern music, literature and film to appeal to the younger generation.