Mathematics for Moles

In recent years research has highlighted that there are 160000 new cases of melenoma a form of skin cancer each year, statistics show that there is a fatality rate of 75% which is skin cancer related.  However this can be reduced by people becoming aware quicker and choosing to have cosmetic surgery for mole removal.  Using empirical evidence to support the effects this condition can have on someone and the amount of cases which occur could provide the wake-up call a person needs in order to get themselves checked out.

Laser treatment is one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieve complete removal with reduced scarring.  The procedure of mole removal itself takes between 15 and 20 minutes and can be done under local anesthetic, you could be back at work all going well that very day.  Companies have managed to hone in on this skill making it a daily routine treatment which may put patients minds at ease.

Lasers boost one of the more complex mathematical equations, yet is vital in mole removal procedures.  The lasers themselves can be adjusted in size from 0.15-0.3mm depending on the area in which the client may wish to target.  Lasers highlight the importance of mathematics not just in everyday life but with the right application can help save a persons life.  Mole removal may occur for a variety of different reasons, it can simply be cosmetic due to the appearance, or it can stop someone from suffering a long term or fatal illness.

Removal of Moles and science as well as physics go hand in hand yet mathematics should not be forgotten as without this being able to relate to the patient and carry out the procedure would not be possible.