Mathematics In Business

BBC ProxyIt is an understatement to say that maths is important in business, but growing up some of us forget, especially when it comes to doing your homework to make sure that you passed your maths exams at school!

Whether you dreamt of running your own business, becoming a pilot or perhaps an engineer – mathematics is one of the most important skills that you can garner through your education.  A lot of the businesses over at the Birmingham business directory can attest to that to.

For example, if you are a solicitor in Birmingham, or anywhere else for that matter, you will need a firm grasp of maths, as not only will you have to calculate fees for your clients, you will also have all the other elements of running a business.  If you are one of our local mechanics then a good grasp of number is vital too.  You don’t want to undercharge your time and skills.  Maybe our driving instructors felt they wouldn’t need too much maths in their profession but not only do they have to charge customers by the lesson, they have to make sure they budget enough for fuel, car maintenance and insurance.

Among the most vital and earliest sciences is math. Mathematicians’ work is broken up into two big groups. They may be pure or theoretical mathematics and applied mathematics. These categories may frequently overlap and aren’t clearly identified.

Mathematical knowledge increases by detecting unknown correlations or relationships between principles in mathematics which are in use and creating new principles. Without considering the practicality of its own use, such additional knowledge is discovered; yet, these abstract notions have been powerful in furthering or creating numerous engineering and scientific achievements.

Applied mathematicians use theories and processes, like computational techniques and mathematical modeling, to find formulas and remedies to authorities company; engineering; and physical, life, and social science issues. A number of the following are examples of their work: reviewing the efficacy of other methods to produce products, assessing security and the effects of the most recent drugs, assessing the aerodynamic features of an experimental automobile, or finding the most expert airline flight program.

Used mathematicians get inside their heads the identifying components in the solving procedure start with a realistic issue, and eventually reduce the components to mathematical variants. To examine organizations among the variables and solve issues that are complex, computers are often used by them and make models with other options.
Others perform a bulk of the job in applied mathematics with differing names than mathematician.  Computer programmers who designed this software which allows you to watch the BBC Player Canada using a complicated encryption network.  Professions that use mathematics at length comprise computer scientists, engineers, physicists, and economists. A number of professionals, including statisticians, actuaries, and operations research analysts, are actually mathematicians using a focus that is given. Frequently applied mathematicians could be asked to team up with other associated workers to find solutions to specific issues.

As you can see, no matter what your chosen career path, mathematics and the ability to manipulate numbers and budgets is a vital life skill.  Makes you wish you paid more attention back at school doesn’t it!

The mathematics of search engine optimization

I have been blogging for some time now and I know for a fact that the internet has definitely become a pervasive medium. As a matter of fact, it has been proven to be very valuable and useful tool in various aspects of man’s life. May it be in the field of entertainment, information, communication, and even commerce, the fact that the internet is of great help will always stand. One of the applications of the internet for business and commerce is through internet marketing. I know that for a fact since there are really, really a lot of advertisements that seem to be all over cyberspace. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of internet marketing companies getting into business nowadays because of the high demand for their services. But how do these companies run seo campaigns?

A recent article published by an seo agency states that social networking, link building and providing excellent content is a sure fire way to increase your rankings but the most critical aspect is Page Rank which determines how much authority and trust a website can confer to another site. A simplified equation for Page Rank is as follows:

PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + … + PR(tn)/C(tn))

This is the original equation but it is obvious that the original equation has been tweaked as the years went on by. From the equation, an important element is the amount of “vote sharing” or outbound links a site has. The more links a site gives out, the more diluted each link can confer Page Rank to another site.

Perhaps you have already known this equation. Essentially, search engine optimization is a strategy used in internet marketing with the aim of making your business or website rank higher in the search results page of search engines. As you may know, ranking higher in search results page will give you great leverage over your competitors. This is mainly because it gives you more and better exposure. Of course, the tendency for consumers is to click or follow the links of the businesses that appear higher in the search results page. Thus, this may eventually lead to more sales and better profit for your business.

The Mathematics Of Refrigerator Reviews And Financing

Math skills are highly underrated by some people.  What they fail to recognize is that expertise in mathematics gained in school can translate into improvements in the quality of your life throughout adulthood.  This idea baffles many students, who fail to see the benefits that the math they learn in high school will provide later in life.

Let us look at one typical example as an example – the buying process for a new refrigerator.  Too the poorly informed it may seem like there is not much use for mathematics in this decision making process, but this could not be further from the truth!

There are many people who actually make their living from refrigerators besides those who design, build and sell them.  Just take a look at YouTube and you’ll find a host of individuals making videos about reviews, how to customize and even how to repair them.  You’ll see lots of adverts and sales on major TV channels, try this little app which allows you to watch British TV overseas and see how many mentions there are.

To start with, when looking at refrigerator reviews – or even just reading a list of specifications – shoppers will be taking in data like width, height, depth, volume.  An educated mind is able to tie these together into an underlying whole and understand the mathematics behind them.  When math skills are lacking, these will just be a string of numbers.

With adequate math skills one is able to take these numbers extracted from a refrigerators review and tie them back to the dimensions of your kitchen, or of your proposed installation area, and have a full understanding of any limitation that may prohibit the installation of the model under consideration.

Even once you have analyzed refrigerator reviews and decided which model to purchase; mathematics still has a further role to play.  Will you pay cash, or will you finance your purchase?  If a retailer is offering a great deal on financing so as to move more products, it may make sense to take advantage of low interesting financing.

However, these types of calculations are not simple.  To make the right decision the consumers’ needs to have knowledge and awareness of items like discount rates, opportunity costs, percentages, interest rates, finance charges and the like.

While concepts like these are not difficult, a proper understanding does require a solid mathematical background.  Decisions on financing are very important as they can potentially cost a buyer hundreds of dollars if poorly made.

Hopefully this example of the use of mathematics in reviewing refrigerators for purchase – and exploring financing options – will demonstrate to teens the need to focus their attention on their math studies while at school.


The Mathematics of Climate Change

It is sometimes tempting to ignore the huge impact on the everyday word that mathematicians actually have.  However there is scarcely an area of science which is not touched by mathematics and the models it produces.    Take for example a famous French Mathematician call Joseph Fourier,  in 1824 he coined the phrase the ‘greenhouse effect’  in order to describe certain observations he had documented.

Fourier calculated that the temperature of planet Earth was incorrect.  He used mathematics to prove that if the Earth was only warmed by the Suns Rays, then it should be considerably cooler than it was.  There was another factor effecting the overall temperature of the Earth, the phrase greenhouse effect is now part of everyday speech.  The warming, insulation effect of  greenhouse gasses has become possibly the most important challenge facing the human race today.   Without Fourier and the mathematicians who followed him then we would have little warning about the devastating consequences that face us unless we adapt a much more eco friendly way of living on this planet.

It might not look like the key to solving one of the Earths most pressing problems –

(Greenhouse Law for CO2) ∆F = α ln(C/C0)

But the Greenhouse Law developed from Fourier’s original findings is very valid today and forms the core of the studies of environmental scientists trying to study the causes and effects of climate change.   The law was discovered by a Swedish scientist called Svante August Arrhenius who started by developing a theory to explain the Ice Ages.

He spent his latter years working out the mathematical model that would describe our problem and perhaps lead to a solution.   By developing a formula to illustrate temperature change that is caused by the changes in the amount of Carbon Dioxide – he has illustrated the sheer scale of our issue.  The formula and the change in  CO2 that is required to modify the Earths temperature is core to our efforts.  This core  mathematical model of climate change will in the years to come touch all our lives.

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Math is Needed for Everything!

Let’s face it. You need math for everything. Everywhere you go you need a little math. Whether it is buying groceries, buying a drink, going out on a date, or filling up on gas, you basically need it for almost everything in life. If you aren’t good at math, it is never too late to learn. You can always get a teacher or take classes that will teach you the basic mathematics you need to get by in life.

Computers are the obvious skill where you’d thing maths is needed but that’s not necessarily the case.  Most computer operating systems and software make things relatively easy to use without maths. For example you can change your IP address and watch UK TV in Spain without needing any real technical knowledge.

You can use math for programming and other skills also. One use for maths can be for becoming a pilot. In order to become a great pilot you need to know how stuff works through mathematics and other aviation knowledge. You need to practice the use of math and flying through a flight simulator. A program that’s great to learn flying on is the Pro Flight Simulator which will teach you about the basics of flying. It might not seem like it, but in order to become a pilot, you need to know a lot about mathematics. Math comes into play when you read instruments and panels on an airplane and also, when some of the controls don’t work.

So, you need math for almost everything that you do. You even need some math when driving a car. The speedometer uses math to calculate how fast you are going and how much time it will be to arrive at your destination. You simply cannot get by in this world without a little bit of math! So, dust of those mathematics skills and put it to some use. You can use a calculator if you want, but get used to using your head as well.

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Mathematics for Moles

In recent years research has highlighted that there are 160000 new cases of melenoma a form of skin cancer each year, statistics show that there is a fatality rate of 75% which is skin cancer related.  However this can be reduced by people becoming aware quicker and choosing to have cosmetic surgery for mole removal.  Using empirical evidence to support the effects this condition can have on someone and the amount of cases which occur could provide the wake-up call a person needs in order to get themselves checked out.

Laser treatment is one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieve complete removal with reduced scarring.  The procedure of mole removal itself takes between 15 and 20 minutes and can be done under local anesthetic, you could be back at work all going well that very day.  Companies have managed to hone in on this skill making it a daily routine treatment which may put patients minds at ease.

Lasers boost one of the more complex mathematical equations, yet is vital in mole removal procedures.  The lasers themselves can be adjusted in size from 0.15-0.3mm depending on the area in which the client may wish to target.  Lasers highlight the importance of mathematics not just in everyday life but with the right application can help save a persons life.  Mole removal may occur for a variety of different reasons, it can simply be cosmetic due to the appearance, or it can stop someone from suffering a long term or fatal illness.

Removal of Moles and science as well as physics go hand in hand yet mathematics should not be forgotten as without this being able to relate to the patient and carry out the procedure would not be possible.