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Math Apps on the Apple iPad

The iPad has a number of apps that are sure to challenge children in as far as math is concerned. These apps have been subjected to various tries and tests to ensure that they can be effectively used as classroom tools. Most of the apps are meant for children who are between the ages of 5 and 12. This however does not mean that adults cannot try them out.
The Motion Math for instance has in the recent past become a best seller; it offers the children a chance to practice those pesky decimals, fractions and percentages. The Mathstronaut is also an app that is found on the iPad and it is unique as it is filled with a lot of humor as well as math.

It is a collection of games featuring amusing cartoon sequences, and it is possible for the child to add and subtract figures in addition to multiplying and solving problems associated with division. The difficulty level increases with the time the child plays the game and it features two game modes so as to guarantee a little bit of longevity. The math problems keep on changing and this ensures that the children will always be engaged. Why get an iPad with an expensive GSM subscription if you can buy one simlock free with a loan, check your financial options to buy an iPhone or iPad here with a small short term mini loan:

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