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Review of Basic Math Apps for the iPhone

The iphone has revolutionized nearly every sector of people’s lives including the education sector. Probably in your days learning used to be a nightmare and particularly mathematics. However, this has changed after the introduction of iphone apps for basic math. Research reveals that the modern student faces a wide range of challenges in terms of the various distractions that surround him/her. Therefore if the educators are not going to use some of these basic math apps so that this learner may be able to concentrate and retain what he/she has learnt, very little learning will take place. These basic math apps come in the form of games such that the kid will not only be entertained but will also learn a few tips on how to handle math problems.

I have personally gone to the iTune store and discovered that there are numerous math apps which you can use with your kids. I particularly liked the Cute Math because it has simple problems and its settings are easy to handle. This means that you do not need someone to guide you into the whole process. The other advantage of Cute Math is that the learner will be able to step up his/her counting, addition and subtraction skills. In order to make the whole counting game interesting, the game is inbuilt with cutesy sound effects as well as relevant animation.

After the kid has completed these games, there is room for the kid to test what he/she has learnt. This implies that the kids will be able to assess their skills level and this could motivate them to want to play another different math game such as Math Magic.  Did you know that this is a perfect way in which you can use to keep your son/daughter occupied constructively and postively?

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