Real World Math Application

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In my high school and college careers there was many times in which I questioned the value of math in my life. Truth be told I did not realize all the real world applications that I would use Math for. In this article we are going to talk about some great real world examples that help students understand the importance of learning about math. Whether you are trying to calculate a mortgage when buying St George Real Estate or a car math can make this possible.

The first way that math applies to the real world will be in your job. Many of today’s occupations rely on some sort of math to prove value. For example within the marketing field you will need to show value for the work you have completed. Therefore you will need to use math to demonstrate this value or you might be out of a job. This proving of value is also important because as you show what money you have made for your company you become more important. Being more important within the work place when ensure you make more money.

If you struggle with maths the internet is here to help you.  There are literally thousands of online, real classes you can take to improve your maths.  All of them from established colleges, teachers and educators.  If you have the facility to watch UK TV online then try this link – The BBC has a great little series called Bitesize which covers basic numeracy and literacy for adults.

The next way in which math is very important within the real world is personal finance. When you are living you will have expenses. You need to make sure your expenses do not out pace what you are earning. This simple example demonstrates the value of simple math and budgeting. With math you will be able to find your way in the real world and earn more money.

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