Pattern in Wine Vintages

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I think we all remember seeing a copy of the Farmer’s Almanac at some point in time right?  I was having a discussion with a guy who owns a 90 point wine club and he was telling me that despite all of our scientific advances, there are still a number of wineries which use the type of old school tools that so many people in my generation think are an absolute joke.

In any case, it was interesting to hear the pros and cons of using every available resource.  While you might think that having something like the Farmer’s Almanac would be worthwhile because after all, the goal is always to make better wine, you lose some respect within the industry these days by using those type of tools.  It isn’t really something that I agree with, but it is clearly something he has thought about a lot and talked about with a ton of people so what can you do other than simply respect his opinon and move on?