One Plus One Equals Two .. Or Does It?

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The logic of math is something people like to believe in to feel secure, as are our understandings or leanings on any science. As humans we need something to believe in or base our actions on, but in reality any science is based on assumption & progressed by logic, therefore there is no possible way of it being correct as much as we would like to thing it is. All our moral beliefs, our understanding of right or wrong is again based on assumption or logic, while growing up within society we accept base assumptions & we progress on them using logic & we make conclusions of our set of rights or wrongs, again based on some initial assumption. The most “progressed” of us that think they have developed super human skills know that as much as it hurts we are still psychologically attached to some given assumptions. If you progress beyond what you think is possible, you’ll easily lie, cheat, kill, have no sense of “human” right or wrong, basically do whatever you wish you did without giving it a second thought. This is weirdly very close to being a sociopath. That said, even a sociopath is attached to some basic core assumptions, there isn’t a psychological freedom from some core beliefs, notions, whole entity. Even a complete insane sociopath views himself or herself as a part of something bigger, as a particle within many particles.

As human beings we always try to progress, we use science, arts or other forms of mental or physical activities to develop something that we don’t know what it is; we teach, we learn, we draw conclusions, yet the sheer reality is that our most perfect state is when we first appear on the globe as a new born. Analyzing newborns’ minds will most likely answer all the questions we have.