Maths Student Would Appreciate Better Access To Maths Research

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My son is studying at Warwick University which is generally considered to be the best university in the UK for mathematics. Maths is not his subject, but he has hooked up with a girl who is a maths student and in the past she has remarked about that lack of good sources on the internet where she can find publications on mathematics. Fortunately she has access to a first class library on campus, but it would be much more convenient to open her laptop and find what she needs. As mentioned elsewhere on this page, Google treats a mathematics page as just another page on the web, which I suppose is understandable, but if papers could be accessed from one central point, how much more convenient that would be. So well done to the authors of this website.

My son is studying accountancy, which is very useful as I have a business selling gifts showing the customer’s family crest and he does my books for me, reducing the company tax bill by quite a tidy sum. I started my family crests business relatively late in life. I have always been interested in heraldry, so researching customers’ family crests is a pleasure rather than a chore; not something I could say about the subject of mathematics!