Maths In Day To Day Life

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Using mathematics in daily life is something that we all do but most of us do it without noticing. If it is working out how much something will cost, what time a bus will be due or any other countless things it is something that we would struggle to get through the day without.

Mathematics is my passion and I use every forum and platform to discuss it and let people know about its importance. Quite often people just won’t care but on occasion someone will realise just what a difference this knowledge makes. I am even in the process of making a few youtube videos after seeing how some well placed videos can get attention and let people know what is happening. Click here to see a few good examples of how a video can help inform people on a subject they might be curious about.

Of course it is not all I am interested in and I have recently joined a football team. I also get to put my mathematical passion to use in setting up league tables and fixtures. It really is a useful knowledge o have and it is extremely important that people start to realise just how much of a difference it makes.