Many webhotel changes algorithm to calculate bandwidth

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Until recently many of the larger webhotel companies have been using raw data to monitor how much bandwidth a user have been using, these algorithms don’t take into account things like text and image compression, cache optimizations on the server and other servers along the way to the destination. As it is now 1MB data equals 1MB of traffic bandwidth on most webhotel providers.

That is starting to change here in 2012 as more and more companies are switching to one of the new algorithms which have been made in order to give a more realistic picture of the actual bandwidth a user has been using. Here at they have been taking a closer look at one of new webhotel algorithm and found it to be a lot more effective than the old way of calculating bandwidth use.

It shows that customers often pay 20-30% more for their bandwidth than what they actually use which can be save some of the larger customers quite a lot on webhotel costs if they switch to a host using one of these new algorithms. Here in 2012 we can expect more and more webhotels to start implementing this algorithm and in 1014 it is expected that around 90% of all webhotel providers will be using this method for calculating bandwidth use for the customers.  Also increasingly users are looking for additional services, such as a method of switching IP addresses to UK or US ones through a VPN, such as this article.  We can expect to see a lot of the major clients move to a different webhotel if their current one isn’t upgrading to this function in order either get more bandwidth or save money on their current traffic use.

Math professor Paul Smith claims that this is one of the most interesting uses of math he has seen in recent time and is surprised that is has not been implemented before now, but suspected that a lot of webhosting companies was more than happy with their old model and didn’t want change anything as it would mean they could charge their customers less for the traffic they use.
There are still plenty of room for optimizations to these algorithms and in addition to more and more server optimizations also being implemented we would not be surprised to see the bandwidth cost reduced with about 50% over the next 2 years at most of the larger webhotel providers on the Internet. So if you are looking for a professionel webhosting solution, with daily backups, 99% uptime and enough space for all your files, stay away from most of the cheaper web hosting solutions and pay a little more for an enterprice solution. Ofte it’s only a few more bucks per month, but you get so much more for those extra money.