How Mathematics helps with for Treatment of Cancer

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Researchers have discovered a wild and rare mushroom that is known as cordyceps. Widely used in Chinese medicine, the fungi inhibit division, growth proliferation and growth of cancer cells. Through use of mathematics patterns, cordyceps was first formulated into a drug for cancer in the 1950’s known as cordycepin. However, later on, the drug was deemed ineffective for treatment of cancer for the simple reason once administered it led to degeneration of active components and as such, could not fight the cancer causing cells.

Depending on the level of dosage given to a patient, cordyceps mushroom extract has a direct impact on the process of protein cell development and impedes production of mRNA molecules which are responsible for creating them. When it is administered in high doses, it inhibits development of protein directly and essentially, eliminates the ability of the cancer cells to survive and function. Since the fungi was discovered and research was formulated on the basis of the drug cordycepin, ways of improving on the drug have been sought by use of math tools in order to come up with a more effective drug for treatment of cancer.

In this regard, another drug was formulated so it could work alongside the initial drug and hence, hence that once it is taken, it does not degenerate thus rendering it ineffective. There are no major side effects noted after the use of cordyceps and especially if it is administered in the right dosage and it is precisely for this reason that its use is encouraged among cancer patients. The effects of cordyceps in treating and preventing cancer are very powerful and as such, its potential usage in the treatment of cancer has continued to rise. The best thing about cordyceps is that it is not as new as people think it is. In essence and as mentioned earlier, it has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

The only difference is that now, more advancements and research is been made to ensure that the effectiveness of the fungi is capitalized on fully. This is done through use of mathematics patterns and other basic calculations that determine the dosage to be given to cancer patients. The truth is that you do not need to use the fabricated cordyceptin drug in order to enjoy the benefits associated with cordyceps. In actual sense, what you need is the cordyceps itself and you can enjoy its healing properties for cancer. As more development are been made, there is no doubt that the benefits of the fungi will benefit the medical sector.