How Math is Used in Hair Salons

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Growing up, it’s easy for a lot of kids to want to blow off mathematics — after all, for many it doesn’t seem like a fun or engaging subject.  Many teachers find themselves looking for unique and interesting ways to teach math to their students in a way that is memorable and also engages them in the learning process.

One such teacher, Jennifer Meale, while applying her favorite hair care product, mira hair oil, had the idea to teach math to her middle school students by taking them on a field trip to a local salon.  What could have been a mundane lecture about geometry turned into a fascinating display of layered hair cuts, bold hair colors, and the finances of running a hair salon.  Think about it — hair stylists must use certain angles to cut hair layers to perfection and just the right ratio of hair color and developer to create the best color for their clients.  The finances of running a hair salon also involves myriad math skills, all of which are excellent learning opportunities for students.

If you’re a teacher, consider using the hair salon model for your students’ mathematics education.  It’s sure to be a fun experience for all involved!