How Math and Wine Fit Together

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When people talk about math and wine fitting together, they’re usually talking about wine in terms of the programming language and not the drink.

I’m talking about the drink.

It’s more interesting and certainly more fun!

So how can the Mathematics Survey and math in general go together with wine and winemaking, or even a wine of the month club?

Most people aren’t aware, but the average winemaker gets into the professional with a math and science background. ¬†Attention to detail is one of the most important parts of the job in fact. ¬†Additionally, even organic wines often have sulfur or another ingredient or two added at some point of the production process. ¬†Getting the wrong amount of sulfur would certainly ruin the wine, as would picking the wrong amount of grapes from a certain clone of fruit.

It’s funny, but math tends to find its way into much more of our daily lives then we initially think it does.