Halloween Party – don’t forget the too fun

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Remember kids, life is more than just math and homework. Sometimes it’s actually ok to just relax, put on a costume, and go out and have some fun with the other kids.
Halloween is one of those times, and here at Mathsurvey, it’s out favorite time a year. Not only to we get to dress out in awesome costumes, like zombies, witches or other cool monsters, we also get a chance to go around scaring the smaller children and their parents even give us candy for doing it!
Yesterday I talked to my friend Pete from Kostumerogudklaedning.dk, a website selling Halloween kostumer of all kinds. According to Pete, people have been buying more and more costumes over the last 10 years. He things this is because more people care about this great holiday and wants to take part in it, this goes for both the kids and for the older people too. But also because where we before were more likely to make our own costumes, we now buy them instead, and there are two reasons for that.
The first is that we are more willing to spend money on things like Halloween kostumer, but also the quality of costumes and the amount we have to choose between has increased a lot over the last years.

Halloween isn’t just for the kids, even though there arn’t anything cuter than a 5 year old monster, trying to scare you. It’s also becomming very popular the people in their 20’s (or even older), because it’s a great way of throwing a kick ass, Halloween party for your friends.
You get to decorate the house, as scary as you want, with spiders, spiderwebs, bones, coffins etc. But you also get to tell you friends, that they have to come in somekind of Halloween Costume, and if you feel up for it, bake a Halloween cake or other types of scary food.
If you haven’t tried this because, it’s something I can strongly recommend, while it’s normally quite fun to have a party, having a Halloween Party is twice as fun. Partying as a zombie, just makes everything a lot more cool!

My favorite party was a few years ago, when me and 5 guys from class, had a Harry Potter theme, and we all dressed out as our favorite Harry Potter character on Halloween. We all ended up playing our own version of Quidditch at 3AM, out on the street, it was hilarious.

What I am trying to say here, is that even through we all know that it’s important to focus on school, it’s also important to somethings just let go, put on your favorite costume and go have as much fun as possible with your friends, without having to think about homework or even math.

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