Don’t Overlook The Importance Of Math

You probably hated math in school. Will we ever need it in real life, you asked? But while most of us may never need calculus in a job, understanding basic math concepts are useful and even necessary in some jobs. If you want to be a bank teller, you better be good at counting. Even making change at your first part time job requires you to be quick on your feet and comfortable with math. 

Lots of teens are looking for jobs and typically one of the ones they can get is a cashier type position. Many jobs 17 year olds will be hired for will require basic math and those that don’t have that skill won’t be hired. 

Math is important for more reasons than just finding a job. It helps you develop thought processes that translate into all sorts of other skills. Math at all levels is a puzzle and being able to figure out puzzles helps you in many ways throughout life. So the next time you get frustrated at a math problem or think that learning how think mathematically isn’t important, realize that struggling through the problem is buy far your best option. 


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