Don’t Complain: Buckle Down And Learn Your Math

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Does this sound familiar: your child saying something like “Why do I have to learn this? I will NEVER use it in real life!”? In the case of math in school I think I said something similar many times to my parents. I was average at math but as things got harder (algebra and up) I knew I would never use any of it again.

While that may be true for most kids, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t learn it. Learning math helps develop your brain and it helps you solve puzzles which is basically what every math problem is. I don’t use algebra and caluculus at all in my adult life but I sure do use basic math and I’m very glad I was decent in that.

Getting a job today when you are a teenager may depend on whether you have the math skills needed. There seem to be a shortage of teen jobs now but working a cash register is one of them. Oh wait I forgot, you don’t need to be able to add and subtract anymore as all registers today are like mini computers. Maybe you don’t need math as much as I thought.

No, as an employer, I would never hire a kid who couldn’t do basic math. You need to be able to show any employer that you have a good head on your shoulders and that includes being able to navigate the world with the skills of reading, writing, and math. If you can’t do those what good are you?

And then what about investing later in life? If you want to be able to invest in the stock market you need to know math. Basic math but math nonetheless. Buying stocks and all the related numbers you should be looking at when you invest involves math. In order to understand the numbers and how they relate to the real world you need to be educated in math.

So, math does matter in ways you might never imagine when you are young.