Great Tool for Math Lovers

For most of the population, math is very much a love-it-or-hate-it subject.  For all the math lovers out there, however, there’s a great new tool that allows you to automatically calculate compound interest.  The interest calculator is a sleek new, intuitive web application that allows users to quickly and easily compute both simple and compound interest.

The subject of compound interest is an exciting one if you are talking about a bank account. When you are applying for a car loan or a mortgage, however, it is not as much fun. A compound interest calculator will show you the realities you face as holder of a substantial loan.

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There are some items which are simply too expensive to pay for outright. These include homes, cars, university enrollment fees, or even braces for the kids. Depending on how much money you need and your current wages, a long term loan might be the only reasonable option for you. Interest added in this way is calculated against a new sum at each scheduled period, whether that is annually, semi-annually, or monthly. Interest applies to what is left of the loan. Although you pay more in the long run and can often feel like a hamster on a wheel when all you do is chase down interest, this does not always have to be the case.

For one thing, compound arrangements do not have to take you a long time to clear. Establish a quicker pay scheme from the outset. Certain institutions also allow customers to make extra payments without being penalized, or will even permit early completion for a small fee. Even this price will be less than the interest you were paying. Meanwhile, when times are tough you get to keep your car or house (and Junior keeps his newly straightened teeth) without having to worry about paying your loan off. Take a breather until your financial situation improves, invest in a high speed VPN and check out your options on other sites.

For the most part, banks benefit from this arrangement since it is hard to ever pay off compound interest on a five or six figure principal at a slow, steady rate. You really see this when you use a calculator. These are hosted by a number of websites that discuss mathematics and financial matters. Give the calculator your loan amount, rate of interest, the number of years you expect to be paying, and the fee schedule. With these numbers the calculator will tell you how much you need to pay monthly to complete this loan entirely.

Use this to ascertain the viability of your financial plans. Establish whether you can purchase a Mustang or a Honda. Decide whether or not to invest in a brand new model or a used one (remembering, of course, that a car depreciates in value from the minute you own it, unless it is a highly maintained classic). Decide whether you can afford a house with a Jacuzzi tub and bedrooms for all of the kids, or a townhouse where the kids will have to sleep in the tub. Compare your likely outgoings including utility bills, food, gas and other fees plus your new mortgage against the incomings you expect to be receiving. A compound interest calculator might influence a decision to continue renting for a while, or reassure you that a bigger house is accessible in the near future if you make some budget cuts.


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Review of Basic Math Apps for the iPhone

The iphone has revolutionized nearly every sector of people’s lives including the education sector. Probably in your days learning used to be a nightmare and particularly mathematics. However, this has changed after the introduction of iphone apps for basic math. Research reveals that the modern student faces a wide range of challenges in terms of the various distractions that surround him/her. Therefore if the educators are not going to use some of these basic math apps so that this learner may be able to concentrate and retain what he/she has learnt, very little learning will take place. These basic math apps come in the form of games such that the kid will not only be entertained but will also learn a few tips on how to handle math problems.

I have personally gone to the iTune store and discovered that there are numerous math apps which you can use with your kids. I particularly liked the Cute Math because it has simple problems and its settings are easy to handle. This means that you do not need someone to guide you into the whole process. The other advantage of Cute Math is that the learner will be able to step up his/her counting, addition and subtraction skills. In order to make the whole counting game interesting, the game is inbuilt with cutesy sound effects as well as relevant animation.

There’s another great app that allows you to watch all the US TV shows online or on any device.  They are simple VPN programs which can give you an IP address American Netflix and other channels like Hulu.

After the kid has completed these games, there is room for the kid to test what he/she has learnt. This implies that the kids will be able to assess their skills level and this could motivate them to want to play another different math game such as Math Magic.  Did you know that this is a perfect way in which you can use to keep your son/daughter occupied constructively and positively?

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The Maths of Graphene

Graphene was made in 2004 by Andre Geim and other scientists. It a carbon allotrope consisting of a single molecule thick layer of carbon atoms held together by strong covalent bonds. Graphene has been described as a 2D material. It is the first material to be so-called and throws up certain theoretical questions.

Previously all matter was considered, no matter how small as belonging in 3 dimensions. This was the flaw of traditional paper based geometry – it was only in 2 dimensions and so could only exist in a theoretical form, much in a similar way that Plato’s ideal forms could not exist in the real world but somehow informed all matter and allowed us to grasp the beauty of things that approximated closer to the ideal form.

In physics graphene is viewed as a 2 dimensional substance that exists in 3D euclidean space. It sometimes referred to as an abstract surface. However, to exist such 2 dimensional surfaces must be curved and strained. This curvature and strain act on the charge carriers to create fields. These fields set up a magnetic influence that form cycles comparable to ’Lamor Cycles’.

The mathematician M. V. Karasev at the Moscow Insistute of Electronics and Mathematics has written up much of the math formulas to map the resulting forces caused by the curvature and strain set up by a two dimensional surface. You can find a copy of his important paper at:

Discussing the math involved in dealing with 2D material also gives rise the possibility of being able to study and mathematically fix materials that can be detected in 4 or more dimensions. What magentic and and electrical characteristics would such material have?

The future may be a mystery, but the future seems to be always providing us with new ways to test our theoretical understanding of the world.