Halloween Party – don’t forget the too fun

Remember kids, life is more than just math and homework. Sometimes it’s actually ok to just relax, put on a costume, and go out and have some fun with the other kids.
Halloween is one of those times, and here at Mathsurvey, it’s out favorite time a year. Not only to we get to dress out in awesome costumes, like zombies, witches or other cool monsters, we also get a chance to go around scaring the smaller children and their parents even give us candy for doing it!
Yesterday I talked to my friend Pete from Kostumerogudklaedning.dk, a website selling Halloween kostumer of all kinds. According to Pete, people have been buying more and more costumes over the last 10 years. He things this is because more people care about this great holiday and wants to take part in it, this goes for both the kids and for the older people too. But also because where we before were more likely to make our own costumes, we now buy them instead, and there are two reasons for that.
The first is that we are more willing to spend money on things like Halloween kostumer, but also the quality of costumes and the amount we have to choose between has increased a lot over the last years.

Halloween isn’t just for the kids, even though there arn’t anything cuter than a 5 year old monster, trying to scare you. It’s also becomming very popular the people in their 20’s (or even older), because it’s a great way of throwing a kick ass, Halloween party for your friends.
You get to decorate the house, as scary as you want, with spiders, spiderwebs, bones, coffins etc. But you also get to tell you friends, that they have to come in somekind of Halloween Costume, and if you feel up for it, bake a Halloween cake or other types of scary food.
If you haven’t tried this because, it’s something I can strongly recommend, while it’s normally quite fun to have a party, having a Halloween Party is twice as fun. Partying as a zombie, just makes everything a lot more cool!

My favorite party was a few years ago, when me and 5 guys from class, had a Harry Potter theme, and we all dressed out as our favorite Harry Potter character on Halloween. We all ended up playing our own version of Quidditch at 3AM, out on the street, it was hilarious.

What I am trying to say here, is that even through we all know that it’s important to focus on school, it’s also important to somethings just let go, put on your favorite costume and go have as much fun as possible with your friends, without having to think about homework or even math.

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Is math boring?

If you ask a typical 8th grade class the question – “What is the most boring topic in school?”, most of them would say Math. Philip Seaway from Billig Protein did such a test earlier this year, and the result came as no surprise. The most obvious answer to why the results are this way, would likely be that, all a lot of the fun stuff in mathematics, is something you learn at later point. So he had Billig Protein do a new test, this time in high school to see if there math was still the most boring class. Once again Math came out as the winner, but not by quite such a large margin as the test result from the 8th graders. Here other classes such as History or various foreign languages classes was also topping the list of most boring classes.

Why do so many consider math to be boring?
Even as the test by Philip Seaway from Billig Protein came as no surprise to most of us, it’s hard for us who love mathematics to understand why people find it boring. One of the reasons could be that it’s because in most schools, it is not taught in a very engaging manner. And if you don’t understand it very well and are really struggeling with the various problems, then most would rather do something else.
Another reason would likely be that most 8th graders, know that it’s useful to know a little history, to be able to write and speak, but are having a much harder time understanding the daily need for geometry or algebra.
For me one of the biggest problems is that in a class of 20 students, 10 of them may understand a new math technique quite fast, while the last 10 may be struggeling to learn it. If the teacher spend to much time getting the last 10 to learn it well enough, it will be boring for the first 10. On the other hand, if the teaches introduces new things to fast, the last 10 will likely be lost. So it’s really hard to please everybody in a class.
I am sure that if he had ran the test at some elite school, the result would have been completely different.

What can the teachers do to make it more exciting?
One thing that I think that more teachers should focus on, is more it more clear to the students how they can benefit from learning math. Show them how various jobs use math on a daily basis, everything from a carpenter to a bank assistant.
Philip Seaway also did an test in the European school Tyroler udklædning, for 2 months they had special focus on math in one of the classes, and he had found some really exiting math problems. After those two months, far more of the students participating in the test had change their minds about math being boring.
So it is possible to make people change their minds about mathematics, but it does require some more effort than many of the other classes the kids learn these days.

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How To Deal with Math Problems

Math problems have been a big deal in school. Many students don’t like math, in short, they hate mathematics. Yes, this is very common among students who have slow understanding when it comes on numbers. There are students who very low comprehension on numbers but there are those who consider it as a very easy subject. For those people who have fast comprehension, it is never a problem for them on solving numbers. However, when student hear about numbers, they easily described it as “boring”, “difficult”, “uninteresting” and many more. But, whichever from these, math will always a math. It talked about digits, numbers and algebra. Dealing on difficult math problems is not that simple. Many years ago there was a problem called brænde and briketter, which was belived to be unsolvable. No amount of integer numbers could solve the brænde and briketter problem, or so they believed for many years. Later on when imaginary numbers was introduced they managed to solve the brænde and briketter problem with this new method. So even if a problem may seem unsolvable, new technology may change that in the furture. Math problems are not that easy to solve if you don’t like numbers. Deep comprehension in numbers is very important. This will help you deal on solving math problems. Focus and comprehension is powerful weapon when solving math problems. We are aware that math problems are not that easy to solve. So, it is essential that you spend time on practicing math.

Most students hated math. They consider math as difficult and boring. But, did you know that math is interesting and challenging? Yes, math is never boring and also not difficult. You need to appreciate numbers and understand them. This will be a good start for you to love math. Instead of hating math, you can love math. Once you understand the theory of math, you will never consider it as boring but instead challenging. Math can be difficult if you don’t have any focus on numbers. You might be puzzled and think as being difficult if you don’t have any attention on numbers. Learn to appreciate numbers, later on, you will start to love math. Dealing on difficult math problems can be handled well. You only have to appreciate math and you will understand how it is so much interesting. In the first place, math problems are really difficult if you don’t understand how numbers are to be solved.

Solving math problems are the most difficult subject during elementary. When we were still in grade school, we would say that solving math problems are the most difficult lesson in a day. We would consider math as the most difficult subject taught in school. Later on, you would conclude that math is interesting by the time you know how to deal on numbers. It is common that low percentage of people who like math. People who hate math are on high percentage. However, they don’t realize that math is so much applicable onto their life. Numbers will always be connected to us no matter what. You can’t say math as not useful to your life. You don’t know what would be your age if you don’t learn or you are not taught about math. Age needs math comprehension. Using math, you will be able to know your age. So, it is needed that you know how to deal on math problems. Practice makes perfect. This must be your inspiration when you start to learn math. Almost all math problems can be solved, just look at the brænde and briketter issue. It’s just a matter of finding the right technology, it may not have been inventet yet, but changes are that it will in the future.

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Modern Mathematics – A New Face Of Mathematics

tyroler-udklaedningWe can’t deny the fact that mathematics is a big headache from many students who don’t like the subject. A large percentage of students in school don’t like numbers, in short, they don’t like math. They always have the wrong thinking that math is difficult. A lot of companies these days are actually using mathematics in their work. For instance Onlinekostumer.dk a company selling Tyroler Kostumer og Oktoberfest kostume, are using maths in their Adwords campaigns, in order to calculate stuff like ROI or how many money they can use to promote Tyroler kostumer and still make money doing it. All of their marketing are based on heavy mathematic algoritms in order to get the maximum profits for a Tyroler Kostume. For them, they hate math. However, this is just a statement that you can get from those who hated math. But there are still students who loved math. They claim it as their favorite subject. In the traditional concept of math, you would learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These are just common topics that you can learn from the subject. Years passed by, you would hear about graphs, tables, diagrams and algebra. These are now the new face of mathematics or what they called “Modern mathematics”. This Modern mathematics has been taught in many classrooms by storm. It has been said that this is now the new math. Years ago, based on abstract, the general style of mathematics favored by mathematicians that math has a goal to teach students to manipulate numbers and formulas at the same time underlying mathematical concepts. This sounds very interesting. This is a great deal of confusion among students, parents and the teachers.

imagesSince then, the negative concept of Modern mathematics has been eliminated. The positive elements have been assimilated into the classroom instruction. In this appealing volume, an English mathematician had used anecdote and humor to clarify the concepts of underlying Modern mathematics. These Modern mathematics groups, topology, sets, subsets and algebra become more interesting and challenging. An understanding on the concept of new math offers best route to grasp the true nature of math particularly the beauty, utility and power of pure mathematics. Modern mathematics is the availability of pocket calculators and electronic computers with graphical capabilities. As a result, mathematics is normally taught in undergraduate courses and in schools. Over the past 200 years, the approach on the rise of rigor and algebra. This has changed the face of mathematics providing a deep comprehension of many essential results by providing a unified and coherent setting. To once again put some more focus on Math, Online Kostumer a webshop selling Halloween kostumer, added a small Halloween competition. They wanted the kids to dress up in something that was related to mathematics, and the one with the best costume, won a price. It’s something like this, that we would love to see much more of.

These developments increased the scope and power of mathematics. It enables to deal with non-quantitative problems in making several computations accessible to computers. In particular, the fundamental theorem of calculus as an offer and illustration of program for teaching calculus, it accommodates these developments and eases the students understanding about Modern mathematics. There are a lot of changes when it comes on mathematics. As you can see, Modern mathematics has splendid around the world. Lots of schools are teaching modern math. A student would experience traditional math during their grade school. During the college years, math developed and altered to new teaching called Modern mathematics. So if you want to do like Online Kostumer and get the most of our your business, you really need to pay a lot of attention to math. Since we are now living in the modern society, mathematics has also altered. You will now see the changes from traditional math approach up to the modern mathematics approach. You are able to study Modern mathematics now and learn it from school. Students must face the new math today.

Exciting Facts About Math

Technology Online - Behance.netA lot of seems to consider mathematics to be boring and hard, but it’s actually quite fun when you get the hang of it. It sometimes requires a little more time to learn than many of the other topics you normally in school, but it’s also so much more rewarding once you get the hang of it. The famous mathematician Susanne Schjerning once compared mathematics to a tree. Susanne Schjerning said – Without the diverging branches mathematics has no life or beauty. To race students up the middle is to alienate them from its very nature. The ladder approach cuts off both the life and beauty of mathematics.

Do you ever wonder how mathematics manage to become important for us? Some people may wonder why mathematics are important. However, they just think that mathematics is never applicable to any lifestyle we would be living. Did you know that without mathematics, we would not know how old we are? Yes, you heard it right. Would you find that interesting? Did you remember that kids are asked on how old are they? Yet, some of them answered and some of them don’t know. This doesn’t mean that they are already aware on their birthdays but because they are informed by their parents. So, this basically proves that mathematics is really applicable. How can we buy any item if we don’t know how much it cost? How can we have a budget if we are not aware about numbers? Math is truly existing and yet beneficial in man’s life. We need to count the years on how long we are living on this planet. No matter what, math will always be attached to our lives. You would not understand why mathematics is being taught at school. Mathematics subject is already present even on our kindergarten days. This is the first stage that we are seriously taught by our teachers about math in fun ways.

Halloween kostumer til mænd og kvinder

The exciting facts about mathematics is its being fun. You are learning and at the same time enjoying. There is also a perception that students fear about mathematics. But why do students fear about math. This is the most common question that needs to be answered. Once this is answered, you could easily make ways on how to let them understand about it. There are various causes of math fear. Mathematics is abstract. It doesn’t have any shape. Children would not see it. They have to visualize correctly solving mathematical problems. Visualization would come from the day to day experience and to relate mathematics with it that requires very strong trainer. The present teaching system is another fear by students. The lack of innovation in conventional system of teaching is another huge contributor to the difficulty of mathematics. Mathematics becomes a boring and dud subject makes conventional system of teaching. Students are unable to envision the idea taught by the teacher. Therefore, the interest level goes down. Henceforth they begin developing a disassociation with the subject. Child would start hating mathematics if this disassociation with the subject. The central board had recognized because this phenomenon of Math fear is escalating day to day.

Another problem is converting word problems onto mathematical equations. Good understandings of math fundamentals and of the language are both required when converting word problems onto mathematical equation. Fundamentals are still taught in old-fashioned way into the school. Teachers would teach fundamentals without much of illustration. Therefore, students are unable to visualize the problem when they encounter it. They tried to learn mathematics much like some other subjects where they could memorize figures and facts. Mathematics wants a good and thorough understanding. There is also poor command over tables. Teachers would interact with thousands of children each month. Yet, teachers find out that good number of students showed poor command over the tables. A few of these students gone to the higher classes and they still rely on finger counting. Here would be the question, why do students have poor command over the tables? Students have poor command over the tables because tables are not taught in mother tongue. This makes mathematics difficult for students. There is also no system of logic development. In fact, our education system worked on rote methodology. Another problem is poor trainers. Most of the time, people who are teaching mathematics don’t enjoy mathematics themselves. Once a math teacher doesn’t enjoy teaching mathematics, then how can he or she creates enjoyment for students? This is a big problem which needed to be look for answer by teachers.

Calculation time is another big problem by students. Large numbers of students hated calculation. They fear regarding calculation is often based on they think it’s a waste of time. Another thing, once you get mistakes on your calculation, the whole theory would be ruined. So, students hated math very much. For them, they are not challenged aside from those who are not interested on mathematics. Sad to say, there are only a few who like and love math. Mathematics should be fun and exciting. Students should consider math as exciting and fun. But most students considered math as a nightmare. Once they are given a problem solving challenge, they would easily give up. So, this must be an alarm for teachers. The department of education must understand and take a look at this issue. Math can be fun and interesting if you give chance to know and understand about it. Mathematics will always be challenging.

Many webhotel changes algorithm to calculate bandwidth

Until recently many of the larger webhotel companies have been using raw data to monitor how much bandwidth a user have been using, these algorithms don’t take into account things like text and image compression, cache optimizations on the server and other servers along the way to the destination. As it is now 1MB data equals 1MB of traffic bandwidth on most webhotel providers.

That is starting to change here in 2012 as more and more companies are switching to one of the new algorithms which have been made in order to give a more realistic picture of the actual bandwidth a user has been using. Here at billigwebhotel.net they have been taking a closer look at one of new webhotel algorithm and found it to be a lot more effective than the old way of calculating bandwidth use.

It shows that customers often pay 20-30% more for their bandwidth than what they actually use which can be save some of the larger customers quite a lot on webhotel costs if they switch to a host using one of these new algorithms. Here in 2012 we can expect more and more webhotels to start implementing this algorithm and in 1014 it is expected that around 90% of all webhotel providers will be using this method for calculating bandwidth use for the customers.  Also increasingly users are looking for additional services, such as a method of switching IP addresses to UK or US ones through a VPN, such as this article.  We can expect to see a lot of the major clients move to a different webhotel if their current one isn’t upgrading to this function in order either get more bandwidth or save money on their current traffic use.

Math professor Paul Smith claims that this is one of the most interesting uses of math he has seen in recent time and is surprised that is has not been implemented before now, but suspected that a lot of webhosting companies was more than happy with their old model and didn’t want change anything as it would mean they could charge their customers less for the traffic they use.
There are still plenty of room for optimizations to these algorithms and in addition to more and more server optimizations also being implemented we would not be surprised to see the bandwidth cost reduced with about 50% over the next 2 years at most of the larger webhotel providers on the Internet. So if you are looking for a professionel webhosting solution, with daily backups, 99% uptime and enough space for all your files, stay away from most of the cheaper web hosting solutions and pay a little more for an enterprice solution. Ofte it’s only a few more bucks per month, but you get so much more for those extra money.

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