Recreational mathematics in use

Recreational mathematics might seem as a term related to financial or tourism industry, however it is one of so called umbrella terms, referred to mathematical games such as puzzles, mathematical logic games, juggling, origami and others. This part of mathematics is often required deductive reasoning, aesthetics of higher maths and even some amusing stories from the history of mathematics or mathematicians themselves.

First publications about recreational mathematics dates back to 1939 from a group of scientists in Cambridge University. Since than, the theory has developed drastically and many famous scientists such as Stephen Hawking, Martin Gardner and Roger Penrose, have been studying and developing the theory. More than 60 scientific articles has been published regarding recreational maths and nowadays it involves such things as magical numbers, numerology, folding, sports, dissection and even mathematical humor.

Mathematical games are most likely played by several players and involves an extensive knowledge of mathematics applied for real life situations, mathematical logic and common sense. Mathematical game rules goes strictly together with mathematical theory and is a great way to check your high-school knowledge as well as more in-depth problems resolved by higher maths.  There’s some great examples in math department web pages and sites particularly in the US and the UK.  However you may need to hide  your IP address to access these, by using something like this UK VPN connection.

Such simple games can be played with friends or family and are truly educational and fun. It is perfect for a family holiday as well as break out of the city. Mathematical games can develop your logic and the way of thinking as well as taking your mind of work and every day troubles.

Recreational mathematics can be truly beneficial for you, your family and friends, especially as an nice escape from city to a quiet rented luxury lodge near lake for example.  Remember to revise your mathematical skills and even show off with your recreational mathematics knowledge while resolving mathematical game problems in style!


Listing of Top 10 IT Courses and also Courses

Information technology is the strategy to handle as well as treat information. IT is composed of acquisitioning, keeping, as well as propagating the info by using a combo of telecommunication and also computing based upon microelectronics. It covers several different varieties of locations successfully. These spots consist of computer hardware, home computer software application, setting language, data system, processes, information constructs, etc. Right here are the Top 10 it training courses
and Programs:

Information Technology in the Health Care System of the Future at MIT

This program focuses on how the speciality of infotech has impacted the medical markets. Pupils study about network included decision support tools, patient care distribution, medical and also e-commerce.

Information Technology and the Labor Market at MIT

Pupils participating in this program find out regarding how the labor market has actually been influenced by computer systems and infotech. A chance is likewise offered to discover precisely how the labor market has actually been constructed by information technology and caused changes in economy-wide labor output.

Practical Information Technology Management at MIT

The important factors of information technology administration, such as corporate strategy, refines, IT facilities and also IT composition, are explained in this course.

Information Technology Essentials at MIT

Students in this infotech essentials program find out pertaining to safety and also cryptography, electronic commerce, operating as well as equipment systems and networks. The class is for students who have restricted information technology encounter.

Information Technology I at MIT

This introductory infotech class is composed of 24 lectures and also features subject matters such as relational database design, working systems, comprehensive region networks, user interface structure and computer architecture.

Networked Computing: Storage, Communication and Processing

The aim of this class is to inform students regarding what factors comprise modern information systems.

Networks: Theory and Application

A graduate-level course in networks deals with metrics and also models, network idea, network data investigation and social as well as data networks.

Digital Government 2: Information Technology and Democratic Administration

This class explores democratic governance of infotech as well as the resulting difficulties as well as options that emerge as a result of this convergence. Additional topics dealt with in the lecture notes incorporate digital federal government research and practice, IT and organizational change, worldwide e-government and also exam, preparation and also resident engagement.

Management of Libraries and Information Services

Pupils find out the many features of details and also collection services administration in this program. Subjects dealt with feature monetary management, marketing, employees administration, organizing and also planning. Assignments are composed of case studies that cover regions such as preparation, budgeting, human sources as well as organizational design.

Seminar on Information Policy

This graduate seminar on info policy permits pupils to develop a research paper on a region of interest in the field. The program contains a single lecture on data policy and can be downloaded from the program website.

There are lots of additional courses like online MBA in IT, ms in Information-technology that gives a magnificent career in the field of IT but thisTop 10 IT Courses are all excellent and also useful to every pupil that wishes to come to be an IT. Information technology can assist attain success in numerous parts of life as it is and innovation as well as receiving trained in IT will supply the person with an impressive idea to execute any sort of activity in a much better means.


Playing The Numbers Game

Mathematics in business is usually left to the financial team but numbers are getting ever increasingly important in tracking the development and popularity of a business be it with a new starter company or an established company that is seeking information on its customer base.

One specific way we are seeing this in practice is through social media with most companies having Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. This allows them to stay in contact with their customers as well as gauge responses to certain things. For example following a tesco facebook marketing campaign you would be able to see how liked the specific campaign is as well as read comments to really see what is being said about it.

The number of followers or ‘likes’ on a Facebook page can obviously show how popular a company or brand is but can also be of use by putting information direct to the consumer allowing them to take advantage of deals.   It’s much better to do this sort of analysis first to get an idea about the response.  It’s kind of like of using something like a roulette sim to randomize responses to test your hypothesis.

This can work well for companies, although, as was experienced by Tesco in the Scottish town of Greenock it can also mean information about mistakes can spread like wildfire. On discovery that a deal regarding beer was put through wrong offering the customer a ridiculously low price word spread across social media sites leading to crowds of people attempting to take advantage of the mistake before it was rectified.

Here we can see the power of Social media and that is why more and more companies are trying to harness that power and use it to benefit both themselves and their customers. Keeping a good open communication has proved to be very beneficial to the companies that are already taking advantage of this simple way of getting into peoples homes.

I believe in the future we will see a greater dependence on this sort of interaction.

Additional Reference: British TV for Expats.

Maths in property

As a mathematics professor I have always found that shopping is the most arduous task in our society today. House closing rarely takes into account basic mathematical precision that would allow for easier agreements to be reached. It’s difficult to display exactly how frequently this occurs but I’ll do my best by telling you about my latest experience with house rental in the great state of Oklahoma.

When I was last searching for  houses to rent I came across a beautiful property and fell in love right away. It had everything I wanted. A Playroom for the kids, a swimming pool for the wife, and a fire pit for me.  All these thing we first read about in Skymall and, of course, wanted for ourselves. I drew the line at the replica sarcophagus coffee table.

We progress through many stages of meetings, after one month we were adjusting closing costs when my broker informs me,  the current owners were adjusting the price bye $5000 for furniture in the home. I made the argument a two part response. Firstly, I said I do not want your furniture. Secondly, it is inconceivable that your bed and sofa were worth $5000. I countered with the offer of individual pricing per item totaling somewhere around $1500. When they scoffed I had no problem walking away from the deal
Another example is when my brother purchased his very first home. It had to do with bills and receipts of previous tenants’ electricity and gas bills. When my brother moved in, he was billed immediately for a year is negligent payments. It took three weeks of e-mails and threatening letters to reach a resolution that did not cost my brother anything but his time. Very luckily for him. If a mathematics-based system could surplant the often arbitrary system we have today we would be much better off.

Mathematics for Moles

In recent years research has highlighted that there are 160000 new cases of melenoma a form of skin cancer each year, statistics show that there is a fatality rate of 75% which is skin cancer related.  However this can be reduced by people becoming aware quicker and choosing to have cosmetic surgery for mole removal.  Using empirical evidence to support the effects this condition can have on someone and the amount of cases which occur could provide the wake-up call a person needs in order to get themselves checked out.

Laser treatment is one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieve complete removal with reduced scarring.  The procedure of mole removal itself takes between 15 and 20 minutes and can be done under local anesthetic, you could be back at work all going well that very day.  Companies have managed to hone in on this skill making it a daily routine treatment which may put patients minds at ease.

Lasers boost one of the more complex mathematical equations, yet is vital in mole removal procedures.  The lasers themselves can be adjusted in size from 0.15-0.3mm depending on the area in which the client may wish to target.  Lasers highlight the importance of mathematics not just in everyday life but with the right application can help save a persons life.  Mole removal may occur for a variety of different reasons, it can simply be cosmetic due to the appearance, or it can stop someone from suffering a long term or fatal illness.

Removal of Moles and science as well as physics go hand in hand yet mathematics should not be forgotten as without this being able to relate to the patient and carry out the procedure would not be possible.