Maths and Marketing

The main connection between maths and marketing is that both obviously rely on numbers. You need people/numbers to make both work, there needs to be a formula that people can follow, similar to a recipe that makes sense to everyone involved.

I’d bet that most don’t even consider this link but it can be crucial.  Mathematics can be used at all stages of the marketing process, but it’s probably most important in the design and result analysis stages.  For example if you’re going to work out the return of investment in any sort of campaign – you need maths.  If you do your research properly,  and I mean to the stage of using something like a fast UK proxy to analyse your potential markets.  Then the next stage of analysing returns and results is crucial, don’t get misled by not doing this properly.

Likewise, those in website design for businesses need to factor in the size of web pages so that they are as user friendly as they possibly can be. Text size needs to be spot on so that not only can people read it, but that it is as space saving as possible. If you allow adverts on your website, you need to think about what size these have to be to maximise revenue but also so that your visitors do not get lost in a sea of advertisements.

Graphic designers also need to be savvy when it comes to saving space while getting important messages across. Images need to be inspiring, but also the right size, text needs to convey messages while not taking up too much of the flyer, poster, or email template etc. Angles also come into play.

Social media marketing relies on a large number of fans and the ability to keep them engaged by sending out messages. But a high number of advertisements will dissuade them from engaging with you while a small number of engaging messages will not provide a platform for engagement.

When people question the important of maths in the real world, be sure to remember this example. Maths often influences the outcome of many aspects of everyday life.


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Mathematics of Dominoes

Many mathematicians have been fascinated by the chain reaction of a falling domino.  After all even the simple fact that a small domino is able to knock over a much larger one suggests there’s something quite intersting with the chain reaction that is occuring.  It’s obviously due to  the momentum of the first domino but how can we work out the mathematics involved in this process.   After all just look at the momentum produced in this famous domino toppling scene – there’s another one on the BBC Iplayer, check this post and how to access it from the States –


So how does  this chain reaction work and how much bigger can each domino get to maintain the reaction.  There have been lots of guesses and arguments and commonly people tend to believe that each domino can topple one 1.5 times the size.  This is of course also dependent on spacing as well as the momentum generated.

In a physics context it’s quite simple – when you lay a domino on it’s side it stores a certain amount of potential energy.  This energy is released when it’s pushed over.  The force required to knock the domino over is less than that generated when it falls over.  Therefore there is an amplification of the force which means a little domino can knock over a bigger one.

Well a mathematician from the Netherlands has simplified the issue for us all in a mathematical analysis.  His name is Van Leeuwen and makes a number of simplifications.  Things like the friction involved is infinite so there can be no sliding.  No elasticity in the contact between dominos and that they always stay in contact with each other.

Van Leeuwen then demonstrates that when  the dominos are spaced optimally that the maximum growth size of each domino is a factor of two.  So my wife was wrong, I don’t waste too much of my time browsing on the internet – I’ve now discovered this evening how to change to a fake ip address from here and also figured out how many dominos I’d need before I could harness enough energy to start knocking over tower blocks using this chain reaction !!

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Maths In Day To Day Life

Using mathematics in daily life is something that we all do but most of us do it without noticing. If it is working out how much something will cost, what time a bus will be due or any other countless things it is something that we would struggle to get through the day without.

Mathematics is my passion and I use every forum and platform to discuss it and let people know about its importance. Quite often people just won’t care but on occasion someone will realise just what a difference this knowledge makes. I am even in the process of making a few youtube videos after seeing how some well placed videos can get attention and let people know what is happening. Click here to see a few good examples of how a video can help inform people on a subject they might be curious about.

Of course it is not all I am interested in and I have recently joined a football team. I also get to put my mathematical passion to use in setting up league tables and fixtures. It really is a useful knowledge o have and it is extremely important that people start to realise just how much of a difference it makes.


How Greenhouses and Math Work Together to Make You Money


If you are someone who has a very strong mathematical ability, no doubt you are looking for great ways to put your genius to use. But did you know that planting is actually one of the best ways for math pros to make money? Think of it this way; planting is fairly complex, when it comes down to it. The more you plant, the more money you can make, but also the more you need to factor in the figures and numbers for how much seed you need, how much water, how much fertilizer, how many square yards you can plant in, and what is currently growing—so much depends on math! But if you are a math pro, and can handle a lot of numbers, then getting a garden greenhouse can be a sure fire way for you to make a pretty good amount of money.


 How It Works


What exactly is a greenhouse? A greenhouse is a structure that is designed specifically with one thing in mind; growing plants. It is usually made of glass, or covered in a special sort of plastic. What the greenhouse does is block out all of the bad thing that the various seasons can bring, such as snow, harsh winds, and any other factor that can and will damage your plants, or more importantly, your investment. But if you have a greenhouse, your planting options are almost completely limitless. You can plant fruit, veggies, flowers and even herbs any time of the season, as your plants will be entirely protected from the elements. And this is one of the most efficient ways to make money.


 How Mathematics Factors In


How does math directly correlate to gardening? Think of it this way; if you have literally hundreds of square feet of plants, you need to be pretty confident in dealing with numbers. You need to be able to figure out how many square feet of seed you need not based on the entire size of the greenhouses itself, but on the portion of the greenhouse which is prime for planting. You also need to factor in how many times you need to water your plants, how much space your sprinklers, if you decide to go that route, will cover, and thus ultimately how many sprinklers you will need to install. Then you have to figure out which plants, though protected, will grow best in which seasons, using the daylight hours to figure out how many hours of sun each specific plant type will need, and whether or not they will get enough to thrive. All of these numbers will change constantly as you begin to expand or diversify what you plant, and thus a sharp mathematical mind is the perfect way to handle it all. So if you think that you have what it takes to run a greenhouse, know that can potentially make quite a bit of extra money.


How Mathematics helps with for Treatment of Cancer


Researchers have discovered a wild and rare mushroom that is known as cordyceps. Widely used in Chinese medicine, the fungi inhibit division, growth proliferation and growth of cancer cells. Through use of mathematics patterns, cordyceps was first formulated into a drug for cancer in the 1950’s known as cordycepin. However, later on, the drug was deemed ineffective for treatment of cancer for the simple reason once administered it led to degeneration of active components and as such, could not fight the cancer causing cells.

Depending on the level of dosage given to a patient, cordyceps mushroom extract has a direct impact on the process of protein cell development and impedes production of mRNA molecules which are responsible for creating them. When it is administered in high doses, it inhibits development of protein directly and essentially, eliminates the ability of the cancer cells to survive and function. Since the fungi was discovered and research was formulated on the basis of the drug cordycepin, ways of improving on the drug have been sought by use of math tools in order to come up with a more effective drug for treatment of cancer.

In this regard, another drug was formulated so it could work alongside the initial drug and hence, hence that once it is taken, it does not degenerate thus rendering it ineffective. There are no major side effects noted after the use of cordyceps and especially if it is administered in the right dosage and it is precisely for this reason that its use is encouraged among cancer patients. The effects of cordyceps in treating and preventing cancer are very powerful and as such, its potential usage in the treatment of cancer has continued to rise. The best thing about cordyceps is that it is not as new as people think it is. In essence and as mentioned earlier, it has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

The only difference is that now, more advancements and research is been made to ensure that the effectiveness of the fungi is capitalized on fully. This is done through use of mathematics patterns and other basic calculations that determine the dosage to be given to cancer patients. The truth is that you do not need to use the fabricated cordyceptin drug in order to enjoy the benefits associated with cordyceps. In actual sense, what you need is the cordyceps itself and you can enjoy its healing properties for cancer. As more development are been made, there is no doubt that the benefits of the fungi will benefit the medical sector.

Don’t Overlook The Importance Of Math

You probably hated math in school. Will we ever need it in real life, you asked? But while most of us may never need calculus in a job, understanding basic math concepts are useful and even necessary in some jobs. If you want to be a bank teller, you better be good at counting. Even making change at your first part time job requires you to be quick on your feet and comfortable with math.

Lots of teens are looking for jobs and typically one of the ones they can get is a cashier type position. Many jobs 17 year olds will be hired for will require basic math and those that don’t have that skill won’t be hired.

Math is important for more reasons than just finding a job. It helps you develop thought processes that translate into all sorts of other skills. Math at all levels is a puzzle and being able to figure out puzzles helps you in many ways throughout life. So the next time you get frustrated at a math problem or think that learning how think mathematically isn’t important, realize that struggling through the problem is buy far your best option.

For example you can use maths as a gateway into lots of careers that are very attractive to youngsters.  How does working as a computer programmer for a leading games company sound? Well without a decent level of mathematical knowledge this simply wouldn’t happen.  Indeed any job in computers will need some level of numeracy as things like security, programming, VPNs and even configuring that Irish proxy are going to need some maths.

It’s unfortunate in some ways that maths has a reputation for being a rather boring subject certainly at school educational levels. There is some truth in the perception that maths is often taught in a dry and somewhat dull way although this is certainly not the case for all maths teachers.

There are some great science and maths teacher who make the subjects fun.  However many argue that the curriculum in the UK stifles this sort of ‘fun’ and innovative teaching as there simply isn’t scope for this.  In some countries who have identified the shortfall in mathematics education they have introduced more flexibility in lessons and schools.  I’ve even seen computers and TV broadcast in lessons to explain some concepts rather than listening to the teacher all the time.  The idea is that you can do something like stream YouTube or BBC iPlayer maths programs to Australiausing programs like this, and then have the teachers explain further.

Using Math to Calculate Taxes

The math behind calculating the taxes withheld form your paycheck can be pretty complex.  Fortunately, there are tools such as a paycheck calculator to help with this.

It is very important that you have a clear picture of how much you will be getting paid when working at a new job. However, many people lack the information they need in order to obtain an accurate picture of just how much they can expect to get paid. As a result, they often feel as if they have been cheated by their employer once a paycheck is issued. Many times, this can result in a desire to quit working. The best way to avoid this becoming a problem in your own life would be to use a paycheck calculator that would take a look at the amount of money you are earning as a result of this job. Also, it would help you to discover just how much you would lose in the form of taxes that would be deducted from your paycheck. The result of this information would be a clear picture of where you will stand financially if you choose to continue working at this place of employment.

Remember though working is not always just about the money and payment, there are other benefits as well.  There are lots of studies that suggest that staying working for longer can improve your life expectancy for example.  Imagine that sitting around watching the TV and relaxing is good for you then that’s wrong. Even Ex-pats who move for a more active life style and instead end up wondering why that BBC iPlayer France  won’t work and can get stressed and demotivated.  The reality is that work and social interaction offers huge health benefits to most of us.

When you lack the information provided by a great paycheck calculator, you may find it difficult to do what is within your best interests. However, knowing where you stand can be a great way to help you avoid stressing out over the burden that taxes can result in. Knowing how much you would get paid every period can help you to do some planning when it comes to your money. Also, you would be able to decide if you have an interest in continuing to do the job that you have been thinking about or finding something that may result in a larger paycheck in the future.

Utilizing Math to Analyze Hypertension Rates

Hypertension rates among adults continue to be a worldwide epidemic.  Math holds the key to analyzing the data to uncover trends that may unlock the key to bringing these troubling rates down.

A blood pressure chart is used to figure out if your blood pressure is normal or if you need to take steps to make it more normal. The readings range from normal to high blood pressure. To get the best measurement, your physician should look at two or more readings that you may have had during your office visits.

There are four categories that your pressure can fall into. There is normal, prehypertension, stage 1 hypertension, and stage 2 hypertension. For normal pressure, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. For prehypertension, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle. For stage 1 hypertension, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle and if it isn’t reached in six months you should talk to your physician about possibly taking medication to control your hypertension. For stage 2 hypertension, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle and talk to your physician about taking medications.

If you are wondering what hypertension and hypotension are, maybe this will help you. Hypertension is high blood pressure. It is a condition where the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated. Those who have it are at risk for having a heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and more. As for hypotension, those who have hypotension have a really low blood pressure. It is mostly associated with people who go into shock. For some people though who are in good shape, low blood pressure is a sign of being healthy. For others, it can cause fainting and dizziness or indicate heart disorders.

Be especially careful about alcohol, although it’s often considered a relaxant the truth is high levels of alcohol for anyone can cause serious health issues.  If you’re having problems quitting or moderating your alcohol consumption there’s a new drug called Selincro which may be useful checking out.  You can read a blog post about using Selincro or Nalmefene as it’s also known in this post.

So if you are wondering if your blood pressure is good, talk to your doctor and refer to this Blood Pressure chart to get the blood pressure test done to see if you measure at a normal range.


Mathematics in the Kitchen

Following recipes in the kitchen is one of the many applications of math in our daily lives. We may choose to follow the instructions to the letter or make changes to the quantities, as long as we keep the ratio of ingredients that we use constant. Hi tech Japanese rice cookers sold today often come with two rice measuring cups. These are not the standard cups that cooks in the U.S. are used to. Instead, they are a 180ml cup, which is used for measuring out all but one type of rice, rinse free – for that the rice cook should use the smaller 171ml cup.

The rinse free cup is a light green color while the regular one is clear. While it’s volume is just a little bit less, it actually looks smaller, so you’re not likely to get confused. This Youtube video shows the rice cooker cups that come with Zojirushi rice cookers these days.

When you make rice with a rice cooker, there are really only a couple of factors that you need to pay attention to. First of all, what rice are you making? Let’s say that you want to cook up some brown rice. You’d use the regular rice scoop (not the one shown above) and scoop out the number of cups that you want to make. It’s important to measure out each cup accurately, so we don’t want heaped cups, level is best. You just pour the rice from the cup into the rice cooker. Once you’ve done that, you need to add water up to the mark that corresponds to the number of cups of rice you are making. So if you are making two cups of brown rice, you simply add water up to the brown rice level two mark. That’s all there is to it. Oh, you’ve got to turn the rice cooker on too!